Expropriation FAQs

Wednesday Feb 8th, 2017


Expropriation FAQs This blog focuses on some frequently asked questions associated with Expropriation Law in Ontario. It is aimed at helping homeowners to understand their general rights if they are ever faced with a situation that involves the expropriation of their land/property. Throughout this newsletter we will provide some insight into the expropriation procedure, and various courses of action that homeowners can take when faced with a situation involving expropriation in order to... [read more]

The Importance of a Deposit in a Real Estate Transaction

Wednesday Jan 4th, 2017


This weeks blog focuses on the importance of deposit’s in real estate transactions. The first article considers the purpose of deposit’s, clarifies some common misunderstandings and highlights a case pertaining to what is considered “reasonable action” when attempting to mitigate losses after a failed real estate transaction. The second article focuses on a recent case in Ontario where the court was required to consider whether there was “clear and unequivocal... [read more]

A Glimmer of Hope for First Time Home Buyers?

Wednesday Nov 30th, 2016


In a climate with soaring house prices, first time homebuyers are finding it harder to enter into the housing market. In Barrie, the price of homes jumped approximately 24% reaching an average price of $476,000 last month. While this era of drastic growth certainly boosts the tax revenue for the Ontario government, it hinders the ability of homebuyers to purchase their first home. With this reality in mind, Ontario’s Finance Minister, Charles Sousa, made an announcement in his fall... [read more]

Using a Great Real Estate Lawyer is Key!

Thursday Nov 24th, 2016


Using a great Real Estate lawyer is a key component to the buying and selling process. Don't place the biggest transaction of your life in just anyones hands.  Our clients often ask us to refer them to a real estate lawyer that we trust. That's where Shari Elliot and her team at Elliot & Elliot Barrister and Solicitors come in.  We strive to make your real estate transaction as easy and convenient as possible. We will make ourselves available on your... [read more]